Imperial Palace East Gardens

Me and Emelie visited the east gardens of the imperial palace on our first proper day in Tokyo. Most of the imperial palace grounds are off limits but the east garden is open to the public, free of charge. It is situated pretty much in the heart of Tokyo, near the central station, but even if is surrouded by walls of skyscrapers you have the most serene feeling walking around in there. Maybe it is because no subway lines run underneath the palace or the park. My favourite part was stalking and spying on the Japanese tourists, the are just ... delightful to observe. Emelies favaourite part was probably seeing the koi fish in the pond. 
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Tokyo Lyfe

First day out in Tokyo and trying to understand how everything links together. Strolling around neighbourhoods; Shibuya, Daikanyama, Ginza. Riding the subway. Crossing the famous Shibuya crossing. Buying power adapters. Drinking coffee but forgetting to eat proper food. Emelie sporting a fresh look: black cap, ripped-jeans and tee - I'm turning into her personal PRO streetstyle photgrapher... 
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The starfish apartment in Naka-Meguro

Emelie and me rented this luvleyy lil "retro marine themed" apartmenet (as decribed in the airbnb listing) in Tokyo from 24/5-29/5. Notice the interesting "starfish installatiion". It was located in the absolute dream neighbourhood of Naka-Meguro, with the Porsche store right across the road, handy for when you need to do that weekly sportscar shop... We were initially only going to stay for 4 nights but extended our stay because we loved it so much. 
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