Interrail Day 3: "This means nothing to me - Oh, Vienna"


Second day in Vienna and we were more ready than the day before to go explore the city, fresh after a good nights sleep. 

We ended up at Schwedenplatz to begin with (I’m guessing there is a Swedish connection here). From there we walked up to the magnificent cathedral Stephansdom. We went inside the cathedral and lit a candle for grandma and granddad and spent a while admiring the architecture.  

Outside you had to watch out so that you didn’t get run over by horse drawn carriages. Also you had to watch out for people dressed as Mozart that were trying to get you to buy tickets to a concert in the evening when they were going to play Mozart. I started to say that I hated Mozart and that a 42 € classical music concert was not included in my travel budget. 

The next couple of hours we spent just strolling around and admiring the buildings, we went to the Spanish Riding School, but in July it was not open to the public to view the training so we could not go in and see the horses. We thought about going to a museum but the weather was like crazy hot so it felt weird going inside and looking at Viennese Art Nouveau, especially when your knowledge and interest in Viennese Art Nouveau is very limited.  

Ah well, instead we looked up parks and found an area outside the city called Am Himmel that you could reach by bus. It’s located on a hill, some kind of nature reserve. It was really nice up there, some freaking loud grasshoppers though. We also found Jesus hanging on a cross in the middle of nowhere and some idiot in a yellow car tried to run us over. 

It was really nice to spend some time in NATURE, 30 degree heat in a city is just not for me and we are country girls after all. In the late afternoon we headed back into town though to pay a visit to a cafe (Prückl) recommended by our host. We were yet to try the famous APELSTRUDEL so we thought it was about time to do that. Ordered one each. Turns out Martina fucking hates apelstrudel, she couldn’t finish it - so I got to eat hers too!! OMG DOUBLE APELSTRUDEL FOR ME I AINT COMPLAINING HELL NO. 

Post apelstrudel we went to Donauisel and had a little swim in the river again, super nice after a sweaty day, then quick stop at home and then out on the town again to have ice cream SO FAKIN DELISH I CANT even (place was called GARDA - drop everything and go there) then we had beers at a place called If Dogs Run Free. Austrian beer was better than German beer. Just before heading back home from Karlsplatz we got some accidental sightseeing - the opera we had been looking for all day was just there! 

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