Interrail Day 2: Vienna


On the morning of the 4th of July Martina and I arrived in Vienna after an uncomfortable night on the train from Hamburg. The only nice thing about the whole experience was seeing the sunrise from a train window. It was rather spectacular, I’ll have you know. 

As soon as we touched down in Vienna we then set out to find our airbnb we had booked for two nights, we made the stupid decision of walking there. It was very far and very so we had to stop for Iced coffee and tea on the way. 

Our host Birgit welcomed us and showed us around, gave us some tips on what to do while in the city. After having discussed with her we decided that the best thing to do was to go to the nearby Scönbrunn Palace. I think the Habsburg family used to reside there. We were happy about the fact that it was free to walk in the nice gardens surrounding the palace and we spent a good few hours there doing that. There was some interesting things to observe like an obelisk fountain and some weird statues. 

It was so hot this day, like I CAN’T DEAL WITH HEAT THIS HOT. So i felt a bit dizzy, the heat, not enough coffee, not enough sleep - dangerous cocktail, there was only one thing to do: coffee break. This happened in the beautiful ”Gloriette” on top of the hill. Not a shabby location. I can tell you that the Viennese are very serious about their coffee and cafés, and the coffee almost always comes served on a silver tray with a glass of water on the side and possibly also with a complimentary biscuit and people spend HOURS just chilling the grand cafés.

 After having visited Schönbrunn we travelled on the metro to the centre of the city, we got off at Karlsplatz and went to nearby market ”Naschmarkt”  to have lunch. There were so many places selling falafel, so we thought we’d better get falafel then! It was good but Martina accidentally ate some of her own plastic fork. She is still alive. We also bought fruits, vegetables and some other snacks there.

 Our host had told us that it is really nice to go for a swim in the Danube when the weather is hot, and since it was very hot indeed and i desperately needed to cool down my brain we travelled to a station located on the river after we were done at the market. I jumped in the water and went for a little swim, it was SO NICE. The water wasn’t very clear and I wouldn’t have gone for a longer swim there, but it was very warm and so nice to cool down!! So many people swimming and chilling by the river as well, lovely, that is not exactly happening on the Thames, if you go swimming there you’d probably die...  

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