Interrail Day 1: Lund - København - Hamburg

I am very aware of the fact that I'm not done blogging about Spain, Japan or my several trips to the UK this year... Now I'm starting yet another chapter: "THE MOTHERFLIPPIN INTERRAIL CRUSADE THROUGH EUROPE WITH MARTINA THE MENACE"
First train departed from Lund 11.01 on Sunday the 3rd of July. We had a quick pitstop at Lund Cathedral where one of my other cousin's had his confirmation. I just sad hi, then we took off. 
We arrived in darling København, I've been there twice in the last year and it has estblished itself as my favourite scandi capital, without me ever having been to Oslo or Helsinki. I think it would beat both anyway.  We only had time for a quick lunch outside the station then at 13.37 we boarded the train to Hamburg! 
A trainride to Hamburg also consists of a ferryride betwen Rødby and Puttgarden, Martina was astonished as the train drove onto the boat ("we are on a train on a boat!!") 
After having having enjoyed our sunny ferryride across it was another couple of hours on the train before having almsost 3 h to spend in Hamburg. We went out on the streets of Hamburg very hopeful. Unfortunately we ended up in some kind of erotic quater, it was well dodgy. We settled down at a gaybar after awhile were we had a massive pint of very cheap weiss beer, it was not that enjoyable - 2/5. We also had some snacks in a sunny park and then headed back for the grand HAUPTBAHNHOF. That is a funny word. 
We boarded the night train for Vienna 45 min after its scheduled departure time (20.52). These were 45 very long minutes for Martina, she needed the toilet so badly, she was just about to SOIL HERSLEF as the train showed up. Lucky, otherwise we would have had very bad start to the trip! 
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