The Cowie House

 This is the house we lived in during our stay outside Cape Town. We rented it from the very nice mr Ian Cowie (his dogs Ollie and Beluga would visit us frequently). I think he had built this house himself. It was great, I loved it, the surroundings were stunning, you could see mountains, hear the ocean, lovely. It had a large open plan living space downstairs, the glass walls were bullet proof apparently... As you can see there was a little pool outside which was surprisingly deep. Large nice kitchen. Two bedrooms and bathrooms on the ground floor (one was kind of outside in a little annex we let Nicklas sleep there so we wouldn't have to smell his farts). Upstairs there was one master bedroom and one bathroom. I lived in the sort of hallway as you came up the stairs, very nice and bright room. The house was full of beautiful african artwork. I think we all miss that house quite a bit. Our new place in Port Elizabeth is ... different to say the least...
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