Table Mountain

Here's a bunch of photos from last Saturday (wow, time flies). That was an intense day for the gang. The day started with a drive into Cape Town from Kommitjie via Chapman's Peak Drive. The route was crazy, inflation in great views as the day went on. When we arrived in Cape Town the first thing on the to do list was to take the cable car up to the top of the famous Table Mountain that shadows the city. I had serious vertigo on tha way up. We went for a walk on the top and was amazed by the stunning views of the city. And then I had this INCREDIBLE MOMENT with a little rock hydrax aka a "dassie". Spotted this little animal on my own and just sat down slowly to get a picture of it. AND THEN IT CAME CLOSER, almost all the way up to me and looked first straight at me and then into the camera!! I was just going on a bout this experience for the rest of the day, my moment with the table mountain dassie, aw. We had some lunch up at the top as well and then got back down safely in the cable car after a good few hours on the top, high on the great views. We also witnessed how a blanket of clouds slowly flowed down the sides of the mountain, that is so coooool, needs a timelaps gif or something to truly show how cool it is, but I don't know how to do these things so a simple photo will have to do! (2nd one from the bottom). 
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