Noordhoek Beach

The morning run on the beach yesterday turned into quite the adventure. 
We got a "bit" lost and found ourselves on the top of a hill. 
Trying to determine where we are...
Could see people down there were horsebackriding!! I want to do that too!!
We tried to find our way back through THE BUSH. And whilst doing that we set of the sensors that are supposed to warn the guards from intruders OOPS.
The guards were not happy with us. Luckily we did not get shot with paintball guns.
Ah it's the beach! We found you!
There's this HUGE log washed up on the shore. 
AC stayed on the ground. 
Sofia attacking a sand dune.
Could perhaps consider running a marathon if it was on a beach... It's so nice with the breeezee 
Finding some weird things buried in the sand.
Good run after all, think we were out "adventuring" for almost two hours! 
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