Right, so, welcome to the grand finale of our stay in Cape Town. We'd been recommended by our host Ian to go to a resturant called Myoga which had a fantastic 7 course tasting menu to offer. Turns out this is one of the best resturants in the country and it sure is fancy. But coming from Sweden you pay ridiculosly little compared to what you would have at home for this sort of experience. There was an option to get a wine paired with every meal for 50 rand extra,  which is like less than 50 SEK so of course you say (HELL) yes!!! Anything else would simply have been criminal. 
It turns out it's not really 7 courses, it's more like 9! There is some bread and butter and SALT (i did not know that) to start with and with that comes some sparkling wine, and then after completing all the 7 courses you get an extra BONUS one as a .. treat? It looked exaclty like the first course, which was savoury, but then the last one was sweet (mindfucked). Anyhow, MIGHT HAVE HAD APPROX 10+ glasses of WINE at the end of all this (because Rick was driving and I didn't want his wine to go to waste, I am nice like that :))))) Needles to say I was PRETTY FLIPPIN SOZZLED. And so was everyone else in my company, I hope we didn't make fools out of ourselves, but I remember laughing much, so we must have been hilarious :))) or naaawt.
I also remember eating cheese ice cream, and egg custard, and butternut risotto, and some kind of fish, and something with coconut. And it was all very delish and it came served on very big plates. Some of these I remember more clearly than others... (Oh wow, drank so much wine, feelin drunk just thinking about it :)))
Well, this sure was an experience out of the ordinary, but I had a FANTABULOUS TIME at Myoga, I love you South Africa, and I love my cray cray family for taking me to these sort of things <3 Missing it all very much now when life is back to normal *sad face* 
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