Casa de la Lutz

 Welcome to Casa de la Lutz, where more is more. 
Arrived at this house in Port Elizabeth on the 24th of March (which is a month ago(!) has it been that long??).
The owner of this place, Lutz, was quite a character. He usually ran this house as a sort of B&B, but since we were using all the 5 rooms (they all had a little bathroom each behind a curtain) in the house we got it all to ourselves. Painfully camp, he showed us around, trying to show what things were for and how to use them, but he didn't seem to know how anything worked. The difference between a fridge and a freezer, a tumble dryer and a washing machine. And why on earth would anyone want to use an oven? He was more into promoting places doing take away nearby, especially Nandooos (which he later remebered to be closed down, in fact). 
Anyways, he probably never used kitchen appliances himself, he had people hired to do that stuff for him. So he could concentrate on more vital things, like looking fabulous for example. The thing with this house was that it came with staff (aka Norman) that would come every day and do the boring stuff for us... It was quite strange in the beginning, especially as he was wearing some kind of male version of a maids outfit, but you got used to it after awhile. Norman was awesome and we made sure to leave him a big tip. 
As you can see from the pictures the style of the interior is quite ... special. As Sofia said. Lutz seemed very proud of his creation, but we got the feeling that this was more of a side project for him. He lived across the road in a big white house, with huge floor to ceiling windows, that was even more over the top (the downstairs was open plan with a kitchen, pool and "reception area" all on the same level, and approx 5 chandaliers in the ceiling).  So it seemed like he had moved all furniture that was a bit old/broken/didn't fit in anywhere else into the house we stayed in so he could have all the new shiny stuff in his new, bigger house :) 
 We spent 10 days here and after a few days you started to feel like it was completely normal to have chandaliers, ornaments and drapes everywhere. Why not have a fridge that also doubles as a mirror? Why have a functioning kitchen if you can have a dozen cushions on your bed instead :))))  
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