Cape Town II

THE BLOG IS NOT DEAD (it's just hibernating). Yeah sooo I was in South Africa, did I mention that? ^ __ ^ And i have a gazillion pics left to go through so this might take awhile... This lot are from the 23:rd of March, aka our last evening on the Western Cape before flying east to P.E.
Me, Sofia and ACTLO managed so squeeze in another visit to Cape Town, the dudes chose to play tennis instead. We wandered around the again V&A Waterfront and also took a look football stadium, but didn't get a good shot of it. I wish we'd had time to explore the city a bit more, it is a such a cool place with th Table Mountain as the backdrop. 
The adventures of this day doesn't end here though, we made sure to truly make the most of our stay here that day. You have to go out in style you know... More about that in the next episode... 
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