Kona day & Bubba Gump

 So I've been back in the UK for... what feels like a lifetime now. Rain and depresssion over here mostly... Still have some sunny pics from Hawaii left to share so here we go: On thursday (2nd to last day) we had a super chill day in Kona, didn't move more than what was absolutley necessary. Rick n Nick went on a surf lesson and we weren't allowed to come with. (when they called up the surf lesson and introduced themselves like that i thought i was gonna die - of laughter, what a pair).
So us ladies just stayed on the little beach by Kona pier. Couldn't complain. It was great for snorkeling and swimming and sunbathing. what more do you need? 
AC and her friend the palmtree.
I glued on some fake nail to match my pineapple dress! Looks cute, but fake nails - not my cup of tea.. You turn into this disabled creature that cannot open a banana without asking for help! 
Haha my mums nails didn't look as good. I just wanted to eat mine mmm watermelon. 
AC did some shopping as well, some official Ironman jewellry, stuff that you are allowed to get after completing that crazy competition.
Now it was late afternoon. AND WE WERE HUNGRY AS HELL.  So we set out to find a good place to eat. Then we stumbled up the "Forrest Gump" resturant Bubba Gump. So we thought it'd be nice to go in there. It's supposed to be like the resturant they start in the film so it was full of Forrest Gump memorbilia. 
We had a lovely table at the waterfront. 
Mmmm difficulties deciding what to get. So much good stuff, and so much good to drink!
It ended up with me ordering fried shrimp tacos with nachos and 3 different dip sauces. And a fuckin deeeeelicious drink called Dracula's kiss. Halloween special oh yeah.
AC ordered one aswell, actually we ordered one more each, so 4 in totalt. The cool thing was that afterwards you got to keep the glasses, so now I have 4 huge Bubba Gump glasses in my kitchen cupboard that reminds me of this great moment whenever I'm looking for a cup or something.
As happy as can be! Was this really only two weeks ago? Someone take me back there now PLEASE.
The food was the best. 3 shrimp tacos with different dips and nachos. I almost couldn't finish all of it because of the sheer quantity. Nicklas also like his hamburger, look at that pleased face there lol.
 Aw, at great form here in my favourite summer dress and a huge cocktail in my hands. Spending a sunny day, in the coolest place with my crazy but yet so lovely family, i don't think it can get much better. I miss it all so much. 
oops, and desert happened! There was some sort of chocochip cookie at the bottom topped of with cream and chocolate sauce. I had a bit of my auntie's, it was lovely but i was sadly too stuffed to order my own one. 
The view. Soooo efter everyone had gained a few pounds each we left the resturant. Outside we had to take a few touristy pics ofc, here is Linda as Forrest Gump. 
 After being at the beach all day and then this huge meal we were all pretty tired and we headed home to rest by 5 ish. I went for a swim in the pool thoug, mmm refreshing. Since this was our last night in the house so we tried to eat as much of the food we had bought as possible, waah food race, had a really nice pasta dinner (at 10 or something when everyone started to get hungry again). Other than that we packed up our things and had movie night as usual, every night we watched a film Rick had made with stuff he had captured on his go-pro camera, another lovely tradition i really miss.
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Kua Bay & Hawi

The other day we had to drop off Leif at he airport, he was heading home two days earlier than the rest of us. Sad sad sad. After we had dropped him off we headed north. We visited a veteran cemetary, Leif had liked to do that, but ofc we didn't have time to do it when he actually was here lol.
 After this quick stop we continued to our initial destination, Kua Bay.The water there was the most turquoise i have ever seen. 
Absolutely stunning day and place, we had loads of fun there. The waves were HUGE again and this time I did a "Brighton" and got knocked off my feet by a big wave and lost my bikini top a little, LOL, It wasn't as bad as last time but still. 
Mami and me being happy and jumpy at Kua Bay. It feel soooo gooooood, in the bay.
This wasn't the best place for snorkeling, but the water was so fun to play in anyways so I was in there swimming like a fish most of the time. 
Rick n Nick finally got to play with their body boards, and we got to borrow them too! It was fun fun fun, but i was not very good at it, as soon as the wave carried me away I just dived head first into the sand. But I think i got two good goes at least, then i swooooshed all the way up on the beach! wihuuu
 Look at those pros! 
After a good few hours in Kua Bay we headed north to Hawi. Now we have been both to to southernmost point of Hawaii (and the US) and the northernmost point of Hawaii's Big Island. 
We found this amazing resturant there, it was very tropical hehe. 
Everyone ordered two dishes I had some polenta with pesto and a ceasar macadamia nut sallad. It was just as good and fresh as it looks. 
It was also about time to try out the first Hawaiian drink of the trip, this is a Mai Tai it was gooooood but i missed a silly little umbrella, That would have been fun.
Such a nice place, the building was over a 100 years old! After eating we had a look around the town, there was a nice coffee place there in which i bought some souvenirs. 
These cheeky monkeys had both coffee and ice cream there. 
On top of the coffee place there was another little floor were they served kava which is some sort of sedating borderline drug. Of course we had to try it. It was a very relaxed vibe up there to say the least haha. Me, Rick and Nicklas ordered "half a coconut" each and then the others tasted some of it. It wasn't the best tasting thing but it was a fun little experience. We laughed out heads of reading the Kava book by Chris Kilman, super weird. 
MEGA LOL at this text. When we left the place Rick pretended the effects of the kava had hit him hard and he was just lying at the bottom of the stairs. I didn't feel like the  kava was giving me errrm "sweet pleasure" but it sure did something to all of us because we were all behaving extreamly weird in the car back home. We weren't exactly sedated, just more hyped up and very loud and shouty when playing our usual car games. Erm dont let us try any heavy stuff... 
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The geckos

When we first saw one of these little fellas we were like "Oooh" "aaaah" "looook how cute it is!" Now we have gotten used to them - they are everywhere the little lizards!
We have fed them passionfruit juice they like that hehe. Also i have one that's always in my bedroom wishing me good night every night! Just sits on various places on the wall and tells me bedtime stories. Lovely.
I'm gonna miss you, Gordon! 
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