Interrail Day 4: Bratislava Pt. 1

Even if we did spend time in 3 different cities on the 4th day, the starring role was played by BRATISLAVA. Here we go, part 1! 
 Day 4 and the show must go on, THE TRAIN MUST MOVE ON TO NEW PASTURES - KEEP SHOVELLING COAL INTO THAT FURNACE. (Something I shout to Martina on a daily basis).
We left Vienna at 10.16, we took the tram to the station and thus travelled on all of Vienna’s public transportation modes. Score! 

From Vienna HB we headed east, to Slovakia’s capital Bratislava, just about an hour away. Bratislava’s main station is probably the ugliest station I have ever seen, ever. TIME TO REFURBISH. ”Everyone looks so shabby here” quote Martina, after having spent 5 min outside of the station. GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION SLOVAKIA. That didn’t last long though, as we walked down to the old city centre our thoughts on Bratislava quickly changed. It was really rather lovely! On our way downtown we passed by many classic archtechture buildings, the parliament and the presidents residence.

Bratislava, like many ither cities, hosts a castle situated on a hill, we walked up there to get a better overview of the city. From there we could spot most of the important landmarks, like the UFO-bridge that crosses the river. It’s called the UFO-bridge because it looks like a UFO. I was intrigued by this bridge. Built in 2001 I believe! After castle hill we walked across it to the other side of the Danube. Was planning to take an elevator up to the mothership, but it was quite pricey so we decided not to. We headed back over to the north side, where everything's at, sort of. More about that in PART 2. 

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Interrail Day 4: Vienna → Bratislava → Budapest

Haven't forgotten about interrailing, but have found a gif making tool. Here's a taster of that day we managed to spend time in three different European capitals.
Breakfast in Vienna and tram to the hauptbahnhof.
Then onwards to Slovakia where most of the day was spent.
Touching down in Budapest at night, in time for a run along the river. Ouch, busy day!
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100% accurate representation of my life last friday

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